Liquidity and investment management

You look for the maximum benefit from your working capital and short-term cash, to reduce overall funding costs and boost competitiveness for your organisation.

So you need the best tools to monitor and manage cash positions – and the right investment options for your surplus funds.  You value market-leading experience, ideas and advice. 

We’ll structure the solutions to fit your organisation  

Our liquidity advisory teams will work with you to understand your corporate structures, business cycles and cash flows. Then they’ll structure solutions that fit your organisation and meet your liquidity management objectives.

For example, you may want to centralise all euro cash flows into a single hub, add balances held with third party banks into an existing cash management structure or reduce and streamline cross-border payments between operating units. Our liquidity advisors and local in-country experts will be able to help you understand and work with local conditions and regulations to minimise trapped balances - and maximise your liquidity and working capital efficiency.

Keep your short-term cash working hard

Based on our experience with clients in different sectors and geographies, we’ve defined a range of short-term investment options which combine the requirements of yield, risk management, liquidity, convenience and visibility for your short-term cash portfolio.

For maximum convenience, automated sweeps can be integrated with high-yield accounts and interest optimisation structures to deliver a regular return on those residual cash balances.

Ideas and advice to assist you

Our specialist Liquidity Advisory Desks deliver market-leading liquidity management and short-term investment ideas across your global operations. Our people and our services are focused on meeting your liquidity and short-term investment objectives.

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Award-winning services

  • Best Bank for Liquidity Management, Western Europe – Global Finance 2005-2013
  • Best Bank for Liquidity Management, Central & Eastern Europe – Global Finance 2012-2013
  • Most Innovative Liquidity Management Solution, Bank to Corporate – Financial-I Leaders in Innovation 2011