Corporate card services

Managing risk & simplifying complexity

Cards are a convenient way of paying, and being paid, for goods and services across your business. But there’s more too. Our corporate card solutions enable you to streamline your finances and reduce business complexity with little upfront cost or infrastructure development. Card solutions can help you operate seamlessly internationally, improve your cash flow, and manage expenditure throughout your business – which is all good news for your working capital.

Giving you automated control

When it comes to business needs and expenses, you want your people to have convenience and efficiency, so nothing gets in the way of the job in hand. At the same time, you need control – the opportunity to say no before the purchase is made, as well as complete tracking of actual expenditure.  You need transaction level detail as well as a complete organisational view. 

Our Corporate Card solutions take care of purchasing, travel and expenses needs, and give you the control and level of automation which together add up to real savings for your business – whatever its size and complexity.

We offer tailored programmes and features, such as diversion billing for central management of agreed categories of spend. Users and administrators can track transactions and reporting online, and reporting can also be integrated with your ERP system.  

RBS can provide Commercial Card solutions to organisations registered in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Ireland and their employees based overseas.

For more information about our UK Commercial Card solutions please visit our corporate banking website.